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The beautiful part of writing is that you don’t have to get it right the first time, unlike, say, brain surgery. Writing became such a process of discovery that I couldn’t wait to get to school in the morning. I wanted to know what I was going to say. As what one of my favorite novelist Anne Stuart “If we don’t risk it all, we may as well not write at all.”


Instructed to make some short adventure story for the literature assignment having this 10 words get included in the whole plot:

  • Romblon Triangle
  • Maring
  • Soledad
  • Magical Siren
  • small key
  • duke
  • contest
  • ship
  • panyolito
  • kapre

And here is the outcome.


            She had no idea how they landed on this island, she couldn’t remember anything, she doesn’t know how to get home, and she doesn’t even know where home is! But how can the nightmares that Soledad keeps having, help her get back?

            Soledad opened her soft brown eyes and cautiously twisted her head to see where she was. Hills and trees surrounded her but none of them looked familiar. Soledad ran a hand through soft golden sand, and then jumped up in surprise; this was like not her beach! Her beach back home-where ever that was-had smooth yet hard pebbles everywhere. Where on Earth was she? Was she even on Earth? Maybe she-A short sudden bark made Soledad leap out of her thoughts just in time, before she had collapsed in panic. Another bark sounded out. Soledad scanned her surroundings and spotted a small puppy-her puppy!-watching a bird attempting to fly, but was very unsuccessful, that was unless jumping and then landing with a thud on its backside meant flying! As Soledad walk to her dog named Papi, she noticed that the small bird was a young Auk. Soledad expected the Auk to retreat as she approached but instead he watched her curiously and then padded over to her, Papi’s eyes following every move. Soledad knelt down and tickled the Auk under the chin and he gave a small happy squawk like sound.

            “Woof!” Lucky barked “Woof!” Soledad could tell that she wanted to go and explore the island, if it indeed was an island. It did look like one-a very small one at that. Soledad was curious too but she had many questions running through her mind. Where are they? Was there anybody else here other than the Auk? Is this place safe? Yup a lot of questions but no answers, nope not even one.

            “Erk!” Auk squawked, if you even call it that.

            He began padding towards the closest bunch of trees, Soledad followed with Papi bounding after her. Auk reached the trees and sat down in front of them, looking proud. “Look Papi!” Soledad cried happily “He shown us some food!” Without a second thought, her rumbling stomach leading her on, Soledad snatched of an apple, gave it a rub with her still wet jumper, then bit into it happily, feeling the apple juice slide down her throat with a soothing feeling. Papi sat by her side and barked impatiently. Soledad threw her an apple, not caring whether she aimed right or hit the dog on the head.

            Roughly half an hour later, as Soledad had estimated, the trio set off to explore the island (Auk deciding to tag along) as Soledad has decided that they would get nowhere just sitting around stuffing themselves with apples. Soledad looked out to the calm sea and in the distance she could just about make out a small piece of land -perhaps which was home. Soledad sighed to herself, if it was, what could she do about it all the way over here?

            Soledad led Papi and Auk all around the island, which led to discover just how small it was as they covered it in a matter of approximately 20 minutes-once again according to Soledad. Said girl then led all the animals into a small slightly dark forest, which was full of fruit trees. Soledad collected fairly large pieces of wood and some incredibly strong vines that were lying on the grassy forest floor. The forest was silent, other than a few random chirps from birds somewhere and the scuttle of Papi who wouldn’t quite decide where to explore.

            Slowly the sky grew darker and Soledad realized the trio needed somewhere to sleep. As they wandered around, Papi came across a small cave, it wasn’t very deep, you could barely call it a cave, more like a hole, but Soledad felt it seemed quite welcoming and gratefully curled up with Papi and Auk after pulling her wavy brown hair into a plait.

            At first Soledad welcomed the calm dreamless sleep but slowly turned into a horrific nightmare. Soledad, and Papi were stuck floating in the middle of a wild sea of that polemic atrocious Romblon triangle which she had been familiar with as an old folklore (Yes, the aged urban myth was true and was bothering Soledad’s psyche but what is she doing there?). Sitting upon a leaky raft, no land to be seen in any direction. A huge wave was above them plunging down, down…

            Soledad woke up with a jolt, startling both Papi and Auk awake. Soledad looked up into the sky; it was a deep orange color, thank heavens for mornings! Still disconcerted, all of a sudden, Soledad’s memory came rushing back to her mind. She was onboard on one of the biggest ships of her father which was named after that colossal hurricane that thumped their country: Maring. It was nearly 2:30 in the morning when an unexpected clash of event had occurred. The ship had lost its track off to the Sonar; the calm vast ocean came rumbling as it cast gargantuan waves-tsunami like, thunder’s rumbling, engine turbulence and agitated passengers. On the spur of the moment, ship Maring was already cruising inside the Romblon’s triangle. Soledad, trying to keep calm despite of the distressing phenomena had clutched some life vest but loose her footing due to the drenched floor brought by the cyclone and fell unto the freezing water. Unfortunately, Soledad’s family along with all the passengers hadn’t subsisted the tribulation. Out of nowhere, Soledad’s consciousness turned up.

            By afternoon Soledad could see her pile of wood starting to take the shape of a small raft. As she delve into the black forest to look for some means for their life raft, she noticed that she’s gone astray to her friends. As the night crept in, Soledad still didn’t make it to go back ashore. Eerie things started to tiptoe on her. The tension fumed when she smells something burnt that is not pleasing and as she was searching where that odor came from; out of the blue she was at a halt. What she saw then was a lofty, bushy, gloomy, red eyed creature. She then identified that the daunting freak was a Kapre based on what her elders had told Soledad. Not thinking twice, she ran as fast as she could that she loses her momentum and swiftly fell off to a more deserted place away from her two buddies. Hopes came crashing down for Soledad. How could she back not knowing where to start her journey being an alien in that place? She busted into tears and fell asleep.

            Daylight came once again and Soledad upon opening her eyes felt a little bit odd on her surroundings. “Where Am I?” asked her. She gazed inquisitively on her adjacent. She was in a large room where all the stuff is made of pure gold. “Am I dreaming?” she inquired. Soledad being amazed to what she is now perceiving looked to the other part of the extent. What she saw made her rattled. What she had catches sight of was the lofty, bushy, gloomy, red eyed creature Soledad came running away last night (Yes it was the Kapre she was staring at). And in one fell swoop, she screeches deafiningly on top of her voice. Without warning, the mammoth-like door opened. Still not recovering from her confusion, Soledad curved her head directly to the ingress waiting eagerly what would came out there, what petrifying mortal shall pop-up once again.

            A well-appointed man in a blue and golden linen suit appeared. He was an old, tall, bearded, bald man. “Feeling better young girl?” the man asked. “Who are you people and where in the world is I? And don’t call me a girl. I’m Soledad. What do you want from me? She said. “I’m Duke Hamitch. You’re in Asgard the storm brought you here we needed your help Soledad. The cure lies in you. The rightful ruler of this empire King Thor was in a tremendous ill situation. His brother Loki cast a nauseous poison to the King and the cure was on the blood of Loki’s Champion.” uttered the Duke. “I don’t understand. I’m not even from this place.” pronounce Soledad. “So you have forgotten. As you see Soledad, you father was the loyal and mighty Champion of the King. You were raised here but then made to leave by King Thor because of the rise of the dark world against him. So you and you father was sent on Earth. And what you are doing here isn’t a chance of misfortune but a quest.” added Hamitch the Duke. “I see. I now remember everything. What should I do to help King Thor? And by the way, have you seen my dog and the bird?” she replied.

            “They are on the King’s room. And to start your pursuit, first you need to undergo on training. Loki had engaged a battle against his brother. We need you to be our Champion. The battle will fall in the time of the blood full moon. Loki’s planning to take over Asgard and then rule over planet Earth. To stop Loki is to kill his Victor. To be the Champion you must won the contest as what had been decreed by the Asgardian law. The contest commence in two months.” the Duke stated. So Soledad took the quest to save Asgard and her planet. She undergoes a massive training.

            The day that’s been waiting for came. In the contest on who will be the Champion of King Thor against his half brother Loki, a lot of hopefuls joined the contest. It was a bloodbath. In the end, Soledad reign as the triumphant victor of the contest. She received a small key. Wondering what the purpose of that is, Duke Hamitch brought her to the dungeon. As they reached the end of the chamber, Soledad saw an elongated box right in front of her. She used the small key she had received a awhile ago and stirred up opening the chest. She was flabbergasted to what she witnessed. What’s inside that container was a blue scepter. “This was the scepter used by King Thor’s late Champion and was named after him. Yes it was named after your father Soledad, Aghanim!” exclaimed Hamitch the Duke.

            Blood full moon came. The sky turned gray and the clouds hurled in circle and what it brought was an assemblage of Loki’s warrior and beside him was his Champion: Naga the Magical Siren. The last battle kicked off. Half of Thor and Loki fell into their knees. Now it’s between Soledad and Naga the Siren. Soledad being equipped by his father’s armor and the scepter of Aghanim led to fight Naga which uses its specialized skill against Soledad, casting a multiple cloned image of it. Blood, sweat, and tears poured over Soledad but this didn’t make her to stop her to prevail and earn the peace that was rightfully for the Asgardian and his planet Earth. At last, Soledad step into her feet giving Naga the Magical Siren an attempt it wouldn’t see. Using one of his father’s armor: the Lothar’s edge which will made her invisible for a minute, Soledad launched an attack against the Magical Siren Naga and cut off it head.

            Loki left astonished to what had happen and the Asgardian captured him and put into the Cracken Cube. Soledad hurriedly get the blood from the Siren and put it in a bottle and brought it to King Thor and made him drank it. All of a sudden, the sky rumbled as the King returned into its normal state. “How could I ever repay of such heroic deed you have done for my empire Soledad? You could stay here if you wanted to.” articulated the king. “Sire, it my honor to be your Champion. But all this time, all I wanted to do is go back home and accomplished some unfinished business. If time would allow me to go back I will.” stated Soledad. The King ordered the Duke to get the small chest beside the table and give it to Soledad. What’s inside was a panyolito. The King instructed Soledad to throw the panyolito in mid air which Soledad followed immediately. The panyolito upon being thrown in the air made a portal to the planet Earth, home of Soledad. What happens next is that Soledad together with his dog Papi and the bird named Auk stepped inside the portal and then out of the blue, they vanished.

            Soledad’s eyes opened, Papi’s tongue was all over her face, and Soledad could see a dripping Auk sitting happily atop Papi’s own soggy face. She pushed Papi away gently and looked around, head throbbing, running her hands along the ground she felt hard pebbles. The scenery was incredibly familiar, had she been here before? Then in all clicked into place. This was her home island! She was home and alive!


Whatever type of insect a lovebug is, one thing is for sure; it was hella fast because I think I’m bitten.

Real bad.
I think I am in love with (or at least, like) someone. You know that irritating feeling when you want to
communicate every single second, become impulsive. Thos damn butterflies. You miss someone to a point that it hurts whenever you dont see your phone lighting up. Or if it does, it’s a different person and you get frustrated. You feel these and a gazillion other feelings but you still light up whenever you’re together.

Boom. You’re gone.
It’s funny how you gave up on feeling this elation, this happiness then someone comes along and proves you wrong. Bashing those walls your heart built to protect itself from further damage. I admit, I’ve gone to this point already but someone’s mere existence pulled me from falling further into that dark abyss of hopelessness and made me see the light. The warm rays of love. Or hope for love.

Yes , I’m a goner.
Right now, it feels good to live. Hope painted my life with a spectrum of colors and erased that bleak sadness. I smile a bit wider now.

All thanks to YOU .

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